Supply Chain

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Supply Chain

A company’s supply chain is more or less the processes of transporting their products from one point to another. With all of the advances in technology, there are currently more ways than ever to transport goods. Our job at Last Mile Logistics is
to get our clients’ products into their customers’ hands. How do we do that? Well, it’s easy.

First, we negotiate with suppliers to purchase raw materials. Second, we ship those materials as efficiently as possible through trucks, ships, and trains. Finally, we do everything in our power to make sure your products get to the store on time so your consumers can enjoy your products. Why is this so important?

Without it, your customers can’t buy your products. Whether you sell cars, food, smartphones, or anything else, you need an efficient supply chain to make it happen. Think about it; everything a consumer owns is because of a company’s supply chain, and without these supply chains, we would have nothing.

How do Supply Chains Compare to Other Areas of Business?

Accounting is the language of a business, with their income statements and balance sheets.

Marketing, on the other hand, is the promotion of business. Making sure customers are aware of your products with customer service, sales, and things like advertising.

Where does this leave the supply chain?

In supply chain management, we are the business! We source your product, we make your product, and we deliver your product so your consumers can enjoy your products.

The Logistics of it

It’s really about logistics. One definition of logistics explains it as being the “Art and science of obtaining, producing, and distributing materials and products in proper place and in proper quantities.” Logistics is the aspect of a supply chain that deals with planning and controlling the forward and reverse flow and storage of products, as well as all related information between points of origin and the points of consumption.

Difference Between Supply Chain and Logistics

Transforming raw materials into products and getting it to customers is supply chain, whereas the movement of materials within the supply chain is logistics.

The seven Rs

Last Mile Logistics concept of Logistics management is based on the Seven Rs:

Getting the 1. Right product in the 2. Right quantity in the 3. Right condition to the 4. Right place at the 5. Right time to the 6. Right customer and at the 7. Right price.

Logistics Functions

Following the areas of logistics management contribute to an integrated approach to logistics within supply chain management.

Transportation: There are many modes of transportation that play a part in moving goods throughout a supply chain.

Warehousing: When inventory is not on the move to different locations, it may have to spend some time in the warehouse.

If you are looking to improve your supply chain, contact Last Mile Logistics today. We can help you get your products to your consumers quickly, safely, effectively, and cheaply. We can handle all of your supply chain needs.

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