Jordan Lake boat club



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Jordan Lake boat club

Jordan Lake boat club

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is a collection of nine access areas scattered around the shoreline of this undeveloped, 14,000-acre reservoir. There are seven swim beaches in the recreation area and a number of boating ramps. Boating is one of the state’s most popular activities year-round. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission provides more than 200 free Boating Access Areas (BAA) to over 100 different bodies of water. Some of the nation's finest waters flow through and past North Carolina's state parks - pristine rivers, stunning lakes, coastal wetlands and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are considering becoming a member of a Jordan Lake boat club, Freedom Boat Club offers the most affordable and exclusively original membership plans for you to choose from.

At Freedom Boat Club, we are referred to as the leading boat club that offers truly one of a kind memberships, such as our Jordan Lake boat club membership which is one our most popular destinations. If you enjoy getting away from the stress and the daily routine of the city, boating your way through North Carolina’s diverse and breathtaking waterways offers relaxation and enjoyment for everyone. Being able to take a peek at some of the natural wildlife that makes these beautiful surroundings their home, only offers even more excitement to these boating journeys. Whether you are alone, with your friends or traveling with your loved ones, you will find plenty to see and do, giving a pleasurable experience to all.

We have several options for you to choose from regarding which type of membership would best suit your needs. Our remarkable affordability ensures that most people will easily find it in their budget to be able to take advantage of one. If you would like to enjoy boating during your playtime and while on business, our year ‘round membership will allow you access to all of our premium destinations throughout the entire country. We have more club locations throughout the states than any other boating club around, and you will have access to some of the most luxurious vessels available.

One of the things that most people enjoy about their memberships through us, is the fact that they can have access to a boat without having to deal with the costs and hassles of actually owning one. Boat ownership is a great thought, but when people realize just how expensive and time consuming it can be, they soon find out that it’s not all what they thought it would be. So many of us get totally frustrated before we even get our boats into the water, making us admit that we should have given it more careful thought.

If you would like some more information regarding our one of a kind Jordan Lake boat club membership, Freedom Boat Club would ask that you visit our web site. At, you can learn more about our exciting memberships. You can also leave your contact information, for a fast response. Please call us at 888.781.7363, and speak with one of our professional team members.

Jordan Lake boat club
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