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Car Services Nyc

Car Services Nyc

Going on a business trip in your own can be stressful enough, how much more if you are traveling to New York City. The Big Apple is arguably the most famous city in the world and the hardest to navigate even for locals because of unpredictable traffic, unreliable taxi services, and tons of people on the street and in train stations.

We, at Core Car, fully understand how challenging it is for business people like you to travel to a hectic destination such as NYC and squeeze in several client meetings in a few days without your car and driver. So, if you are going on a business trip to the City that Never Sleeps, you should rely on our corporate car services in NYC for the following reasons:


Perhaps you are thinking of merely depending on trains or taxis to get your way around the city since they are always available. While public transportation is indeed an option, you need to be mindful of safety concerns. According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), violence in subway cars and platforms and sexual assaults in taxis are on the rise – facts that are not exactly comforting.

Taxis and trains may not care about your safety in NYC, but we are Core Car takes your safety seriously. Every one of our corporate car service drivers had gone through rigid background checking and comprehensive defensive driving course to ensure that you are always protected, not only inside the vehicle but even on the road.


You have no choice but to cut your rest short and leave your hotel early if you are relying on riding a cab to meet important clients. Hailing a taxi cab in the Big Apple is beyond challenging especially during rush hours.

When you rely on us to serve you on your business trip, you can save a lot of time and energy since you no longer have to wait at the roadside or lose your temper trying to get the attention of a taxi driver. Our experienced and friendly driver will be waiting for you and ready to take you to your destination so that you will arrive right on schedule.


Explore the city in comfort and style as we have a variety of luxury vehicles in our fleet, not only to fulfill all your car services need in NYC but to boost your reputation and business credibility as well. Apart from being clean and luxurious, all our vehicles at Core Car are equipped with iPads, cellular phones, and other modern gadgets as well as newspapers, beverages, and other perks so you can relax while traveling to your next business engagement.

The advantages mentioned above are just some of the best reasons why you should rely on us at Core Car. Every member of our team is passionately working to ensure your utmost satisfaction and hassle-free business travels. We, at Core Car, are available 24/7 to provide you with excellent corporate car services in NYC and even all around the world.

Car Services Nyc
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