Auto Transport Truck



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Auto Transport Truck

Auto Transport Truck

You may not know what to expect at the pick-up and delivery point if you have never shipped a car before. This is a big concern for many clients who need their vehicles to be shipped from one location to another. However, when you work with a reputable transport company like Mr. Car Shipper to ship your car, those worries should be reduced because they know how to ship your vehicle to its destination. However, there are various steps involved in the pick-up and delivery process. Below are some tips we believe will give you a better idea of what to expect during the shipping process.

What You Should Expect When Your Vehicle Is Picked Up 

You should be clear about your shipping services payment before meeting your transporter. Confirm the terms of your contract, including insurance terms, payment information, and mutual contact information. Ask your auto shipping company any questions about the vehicle shipping service. Make sure your car is prepared for transit according to lay down guidelines before your transporter arrives. 

The transporter will carry out a detailed inspection of your car. You will need to sign a bill of lading both at origin and destination, so be prepared to review this document. Note the odometer reading before your car is loaded on the truck or trailer. There should be no significant mileage differences when the vehicle is delivered. Notify your transporter of any serious mechanical issues that they may need to know. 

What You Should Expect Upon Vehicle Delivery

Most clients tend to hasten the delivery process due to the excitement of seeing their car delivered. If care is not taken, you may ignore the pre-delivery checklist. Shipping experts like Mr. Car Shipper recommend the client to be on time when meeting their transporter. They must conduct another inspection when your vehicle’s arrival to the destination comparing the state of your vehicles. If you cannot perform the inspection yourself, assign someone to inspect the car on your behalf. 

Remember that if you use an open auto transport truck or trailer, your vehicle would have traveled down to the destination just as if you drove it yourself. It will encounter the same road debris, dust, snow, rain, and more. Check the odometer and start the car to check for mechanical problems. A representative of the auto car transporter will ask you to sign a bill of lading upon completion of your inspection, which is the final transaction.

After The Vehicle Shipping Service

If your car was damaged while being shipped, you must state that in the bill of lading before accepting the vehicle. The delivery point is your only opportunity to inspect and report damages to your vehicle. Make sure that the Transport Company agent or driver has signed your record of damages.

You can transport your car with confidence when you let Mr. Car Shipper handle all of your auto transport needs. Get your quote and get started today if you are looking to ship your car.




Auto Transport Truck
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