Speedbird Elite Ownership

The simplest way to own a private jet

Introducing the Speedbird Elite Program

SBE delivers the most desired benefits of aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, and jet cards at an hourly price point that is lower than all three. 
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Ownership advantage

The convenience, exclusivity, and familiarity of aircraft ownership.

Fractional advantage

The flexibility and high operational standards of fractional ownership.

Jet card advantage

The simplicity and inclusive pricing of a jet card program.

Private ownership experience

without the hassle of constant upkeep

The SBE program delivers a turnkey ownership experience at a price point that is significantly lower than an aircraft owner would typically pay. 
Participation in the SBE Program begins with the purchase of a pre-owned Citation X jet. All the complexities of an aircraft purchase have been removed. Aircraft destined for the SBE program receive airframe, engine, and avionics enhancements as needed. The aircraft cabin is updated with modern cabin entertainment and wireless high-speed internet systems. 
If you currently own, or have thought about owning, a jet but are discouraged by ever-increasing operational expenses and ownership complexities, we have the solution. You owe it to yourself to experience the smart way to own a jet. 

Enjoy the world's fastest civilian jet

The SBE program uses the Cessna Citation X super mid-sized jet exclusively. Citation X’s have been in service for over 20 years. And during that time, the Citation X has developed a loyal following of passengers and owners who have come to appreciate the aircraft’s amazing speed, safety, and reliability.

Rely on an experienced crew

All flights are conducted under FAA part 135 air carrier regulations and are operated by experienced flight crews who undergo bi-annual full motion simulator training at Flight Safety International, the world’s preeminent flight training facility. 

Operated under the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard

We place the safety, care, and comfort of customers above all else and provide the best experience possible.

Staffed around the clock for 24/7 service

Flight Concierge Services is staffed around the clock to handle all of our member scheduling requests.

Guaranteed available aircraft within 24 hours

Aircraft are guaranteed available within 24 hours of the request for travel from destinations within the continental U.S.

The world is at your fingertips

Start traveling in comfort

Our Speedbird Elite Program includes the following benefits: 

Streamlined service

through a dedicated representative

Speedbird Jets assigns a dedicated Ownership Services Representative (OSR) to each aircraft owner. Our OSR’s are empowered to handle any request and resolve virtually any issue an owner may have. Additionally, owners will always have direct SBE to senior management including our company CEO.

Speedbird team members don’t simply “manage” aircraft, they take care of them as though they were their own. Speedbird Jets management, owner services, flight operations, and maintenance personnel all work diligently and cohesively to ensure the owner experience exceeds expectations.

Speedbird Jets is a service-based organization that is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Reinforcing the service first mindset is a commitment to employee training that includes team leaders and pilots attending Service Enrichment Courses taught by Ritz Carlton Hotels Customer Fulfillment instructors.

Frequently asked questions

Members purchase a preowned Citation X aircraft through Speedbird Jets and are only responsible for fuel and insurance costs once the aircraft enters service. All other ownership expenses are included in the SBE program. 

Coverage area includes the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and most of the Caribbean. 

Yes, our goal at Speedbird Jets is to meet your travel needs. 

No, there are no restrictions for any day or season. 

Yes, SBE Citation X aircraft feature high-speed wireless connectivity.

Aircraft are operated and maintained to the highest standards. All flights are operated under FAA part 135 air carrier regulations which are far more stringent than private owner (part 91), or fractional ownership (part 91K) regulations. All pilots must have a minimum of 2,500 flight hours flight experience and possess an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license, the highest level of pilot licensing. All pilots attend the world’s preeminent flight training provider, Flight Safety International, semi-annually for full-motion flight simulator training. Primary maintenance on all Citation X aircraft is performed by Cessna, the aircraft’s manufacturer. 

Get ready to fly into freedom

The SBE program simplifies aircraft ownership into a buy-and-fly experience by combining the advantages of aircraft ownership with the key benefits of fractional ownership and jet card programs. You owe it to yourself to experience all the advantages that private jet ownership offers.

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