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What is the Access Program?

Access is a shared fleet program that allows you to fly in the world’s fastest business jet, the Cessna Citation X. Within Access, you will enjoy the familiarity of operations and tax benefits of ownership, without the administrative, maintenance, or personnel responsibilities normally associated with ownership. Access offers the flexibility and consistency of a fractional program, while offering the fixed pricing of jet cards and the economics of charter.


What is a shared fleet program?

A shared fleet program gives program members access to other aircraft within the program. The shared fleet program benefits members by eliminating, ferry and positioning flight expenses and gives members to ability to use multiple aircraft at that same time.


How does the Access program work? 

Members purchase a Citation X inclusive of 1,000 hours of flight time through the Access program to be used over a five-year term. Members can request travel at any time to or from more than 5,000 airports located with the coverage area with as little as 24 hours’ notice.


Am I responsible for pilots’ services, fuel, or maintenance?

No this will never be your responsibility, all expenses are included with the membership.


Will I be required to pay additional fees such as, management fees, hourly occupied fees, fuel surcharges, or excise taxes? 

No you will never see any additional fees, everything is included in the membership.


What is the coverage area?

Coverage area includes the 48 continuous United States, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and most of the Caribbean.


Can I access multiple aircraft at the same time?

Yes, you will be able to access multiple aircraft at the same time.


Can I upgrade to a larger aircraft from time to time if needed?

Yes, our goal at Speedbird Jets is to meet your every flying need. For this reason we offer up to five uses of a 14 passenger Gulfstream G450. 


How many peak days are there in the program?

None. The Access program does not impose any peak day or blackout day travel restrictions.


Do the aircraft have WiFi connectivity?

Yes. All aircraft feature high speed wireless connectivity.


How long is the membership term?

The membership term range is from three to five years.


Can I cancel before the end of the membership term?   

Membership can be cancelled at any time.


What about safety?

Aircraft are operated and maintained to the highest standards. All flights are operated under FAA part 135 air carrier regulations which is far more stringent than private owner (part 91), or fractional ownership (part 91K) regulations.  All pilots must have a minimum of 2,500 flight hours flight experience and possess an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license; the highest level of pilot license.  All pilots attend the world’s preeminent flight training provider Flight Safety International semi-annually for full motion flight simulator training.  In addition to Flight Safety International, pilots also undergo flight upset training which is not required by the FAA.  Primary maintenance on all Citation X aircraft is performed by Cessna, the aircraft’s manufacture.

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