Citation X

Premier, luxurious speed

The Cessna Citation X

Speedbird Jets uses the Cessna Citation X exclusively in our Elite Ownership Program. It is the aircraft of choice because of performance, economics, and high demand. Winner of the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy which is awarded to aircraft that have been recognized for achievements in aeronautics with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of aviation.  The Cessna Citation X is one of the most remarkable business jets in the world. For almost three decades, corporations, business jet operators, and individuals have been relying on the Citation X.  The Citation X features a spacious eight passenger cabin, with enough range for nonstop coast to coast travel.

The Citation X can fly from Los Angeles to New York in just over four hours.

Unmatched speed

Capable of Mach .92 speeds for nonstop travel in the continental U.S.

High safety rating

Third-party safety rating from ARGUS, Wyvern, or IS-BAO.

Luxurious interior

Relax in style as we take you where you want, when you want.

Wireless connectivity

High-speed 4G wireless connections for all your needs.

Entertainment system

The Citation X features a high-quality video entertainment system.

High baggage capacity

The baggage compartment is large enough to hold golf bags, snowboards, or skis.


69 ft 2 in (21.09 m)


73 ft 7 in (22.43 m)


19 ft 3 in (5.68 m)

Detailed specs


  • Length
    73 ft 7 in (22.43 m)
  • Height
    19 ft 3 in (5.86 m)
  • Wingspan
    69 ft 2 in (21.09 m)


  • Maximum Cruise Speed
    528 ktas (978 km/h)
  • Maximum Range
    3,460 nm (6,408 km)
  • Takeoff Field Length
    5,250 ft (1,600 m)
  • Landing Distance
    3,330 ft (1,015 m)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude
    51,000 ft (15,545 m)
  • Maximum Limit Speed
    0.935 Mach (0.935 Mach)

Baggage Capacity

  • Weight
    1,095 lb (496.7 kg)
  • Volume
    104 cu ft (2.93 cu m)

Cabin Interior

  • Height
    68 in (1.73 m)
  • Width
    66 in (1.68 m)
  • Length
    25 ft 2 in (7.67 m)
  • Maximum Passengers

Power Plant

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Thrust
    7,034 lb (31.29 kN)
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