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Speedbird Jets is a private jet charter and aircraft management company providing high-class services.

We are dedicated to

  • Honesty – We provide a seamless, simple experience for aircraft management and charter services.
  • Reliability – Our services have been proven time and time again and we take pride in our reputation.
  • Safety – All of our aircraft are third-party safety rated and consistently inspected and cleaned.

Putting Service First

Speedbird Jets was formed in 2018 by its current CEO Lewis Bell.  Speedbird Jets mission is to provide fast, convenient, and safe private air travel using Cessna Citation X business jets. The Citation X one of the fastest civilian planes in the world, and the name Speedbird pays homage to the remarkable speed of the Citation X and the higher, farther, and faster credo that we operate by.  Speedbird Jets is a service first organization which prides itself on forming relationships with customers with the goal of every customer becoming a client. Speedbird achieves this objective through collaboration, understanding, and ultimately anticipating client needs.



Lewis Bell

Founder & CEO

Lewis Bell is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Speedbird Jets LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary, WindAirWest LLC dba Speedbird Jets. Lewis has almost three decades of business aviation and leadership experience. Lewis’ career in business aviation literally took off in 1999, when he founded Dolphin Air, the nation’s first African American owned jet charter company. Dolphin Air was an industry pioneer as one of the first companies to offer one way pricing and jet cards. Prior to launching Dolphin Air, Lewis was a senior project manager for 10 years at Rock-It Cargo, a pre-eminent freight forwarder specializing in worldwide music tour shipping and logistics.

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