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Ownership. Without the Hassles.

Unmatched Value.

The Access Program brings value and convenience to jet ownership with a program that includes all maintenance and operational expenses. Our coverage lets you experience jet ownership without the headaches. Enjoy the familiarity and tax advantages of ownership, the versatility of a fractional program, and the value of a jet card program. The Access Jet Program features the legendary Citation X, chosen for its remarkable combination of speed, range, size, reliability and value. Because we cover the additional costs, Access Citation X owners realize an average savings of $2 million dollars over a 5 year term, compared to owners of non Access Citation X’s who travel the same number of hours.

Fly with Access.

All the benefits. None of the headaches.

Fixed Pricing
The true cost of an aircraft is not acquisition, it’s in the cost of operations. The Access Jet Program insulates owners from operational expense volatility with all-inclusive fixed pricing over a five-year term.

Simultaneous Use of Multiple Aircraft
This valuable feature gives businesses the power and flexibility of a fleet at less than half the cost of just one airplane. Your team can attend an important meeting, while you travel home for a family event. With Access, do both at no additional cost!

Simple and Convenient
Keep the world at your fingertips. Just one call does it all. Just tell your Access representative where you want to go, and we handle the rest. Get the flexibility you need and the experience you want.

Outfitted for Luxury
The Citation X CPO process begins with a thorough maintenance inspection by Cessna the Citation X’s manufacturer. Your plane is then perfected with airframe, engine, and avionics enhancements. The process is capped off with beautiful exterior paint and interior refinement. We then upgrade your experience with top class cabin entertainment, lightning-fast wireless connectivity, and inflight movie and video streaming. Now for the biggest surprise of all, The Access Citation X can be yours for under $4 million.

An Unbeatable Value
Once we’ve added the latest features and upgrades to your Citation X, it is placed in the Access shared fleet program. Participation in our shared fleet program allows us to operate and maintain your Citation X for one flat, all-inclusive price.

Access Jet Program

Step into luxury. Fly into Freedom.

Provide your information to be contacted by a Speedbird Jets team member. For immediate assistance please call Office Number: 562-676-4310. We look forward to flying with you.

Access program aircraft operated by WindAirWest, LLC dba Speedbird Jets under Air Carrier Certificate 11WA35N

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