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Your aircraft when you want it!
The Access Jet Program offers the familiarity and tax advantages of ownership, the versatility and convenience of a fractional program, and the value convenience of a jet card program. Never worry about running out of flight hours, Access provides you with 200 flight hours annually at an all-inclusive rate. The Access Jet Program features the legendary Citation X. The Citation X was chosen as the exclusive aircraft for the Access Jet Program because no other aircraft offers the Citation X’s remarkable combination of speed, range, size, reliability and value.

ACCESS Jet Program

you buy. you go fast.
we take care of the rest.

Fixed Pricing
The true cost of owning an aircraft is not in the cost of acquisition, it’s in the cost of operations. The Access Jet Program insulates members from operational expense volatility by offering all-inclusive fixed pricing over a five-year term.

Simultaneous Use of Multiple Aircraft
Valuable feature especially for businesses. This feature gives businesses the power and flexibility of a multi-aircraft flight department at less than half the cost of just one airplane.

Simple and Convenient
With Access, the world is literally at your fingertips. Just one call does it all. Just tell your Access representative where you want to go, and we handle the rest.

All Inclusive Pricing
Key members of your team can travel to an important meeting, while you travel home for an important family event. The ability to use two aircraft simultaneously empowers you with the ability to not have to choose which event is more important. With Access you can do both at no additional cost!

ACCESS Jet Program

you buy. you go fast.
we take care of the rest.

Access program aircraft operated by WindAirWest, LLC dba Speedbird Jets under Air Carrier Certificate 11WA35N

Speedbird Jets
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