The Speedbird ELITE program removes the complexities and open checkbook philosophy that is traditionally associated with aircraft ownership. Acquiring a jet through the ELITE program is no more complex than buying a car.

Lewis Bell 
Founder and CEO of Speedbird Jets

The Core Value

The core value of private jet travel is it gives you access to go anywhere you want, when you want and with who you want. Flying private unlocks a world of luxury and convenience, and once experienced, the only question is how best to continue accessing the lifestyle.

There are essentially three ways to fly privately: own a plane, book charter, or participate in fractional ownership. Jet cards, memberships, and private aviation programs are all offshoots of one of these three methods, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Speedbird Jets is now offering a unique program that combines the key benefits of aircraft ownership, charter flying, and fractional  ownership. The Speedbird ELITE program is simple, flexible, convenient, and cost-effective.


The  Speedbird ELITE program features the Cessna Citation X jet, one of the safest and most versatile private jet aircraft ever produced. Cessna has been designing and producing aircraft since 1927 and the Citation X is at the pinnacle of Cessna’s design excellence.

The Citation X was the fastest non-military aircraft in the world until that record was eclipsed by its successor, the Citation X+. Flying in the Citation X provides significant time savings that can have a positive impact on your business and your life.

The Citation X is about more than speed.  The Citation X cabin can comfortably seat eight passengers.  Cabin amenities include high speed wireless connectivity and USB charging ports at each seat. The Citation X baggage compartment is large enough to accommodate bulky items, such as golf clubs and snow boards.




Fixed Pricing
The true cost of an aircraft is not acquisition, it’s the cost of operations. The Speedbird ELITE Program insulates owners from operational expense volatility with all-inclusive fixed pricing over a five-year term.

Simple and Convenient
Keep the world at your fingertips. Just one call does it all. Just tell your ELITE representative where you want to go, and we handle the rest. Get the flexibility you need and the seamless experience you want.

Outfitted for Luxury
The Citation X CPO process begins with a thorough maintenance inspection by Cessna. Your plane is then perfected with airframe, engine, and avionics enhancements. The process is capped off with beautiful exterior paint and interior refinement. We upgrade your experience with top class cabin entertainment, lightning-fast wireless connectivity, and inflight movie and video streaming.

An Unbeatable Value
Once we have added the latest features and upgrades to your Citation X, it is placed in the Speedbird ELITE program.



Provide your information to be contacted by a Speedbird Jets team member. For immediate assistance please call 562-676-4310. We look forward to flying with you.

Speedbird ELITE program aircraft operated by WindAirWest, LLC dba Speedbird Jets under Air Carrier Certificate 11WA35N