Convenience for a busy lifestyle

Introducing Speedbird Jet's ACCESS Jet Card

The ACCESS Jet Card is all about simplicity and convenience. Available in 25 and 50-hour increments, the ACCESS Jet Card is perfect for vacation travel, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs.


Ease of travel

Enjoy private jet travel with no membership fees or blackout dates.

All-inclusive price

The purchase price includes all fees, charges, and taxes including catering.

National & international

Choose from destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas.

Exclusive private aircraft

the Super miDsized Cessna Citation X

With efficiency and performance in mind, the ACCESS Jet Card uses the super mid-sized Cessna Citation X. The Citation X was designed specifically for high-speed travel within the continental United States. All Citation X aircraft feature eight-passenger interiors with eight individually reclining captain’s chairs.

Safety at every step

is our primary goal

The safety of operations is our primary concern. All flight crew members attend semi-annual full simulator training from Flight Safety International. WindAirWest dba Speedbird Jets is an FAA-certified air carrier and operates in accordance with FAA regulations. Speedbird Jets also relies on a small network of other FAA Part 135 air carriers who are also in adherence with FAA regulations.

Travel wherever you need

ACCESS Jet Card pricing includes ferry and position fees, additional flight time beyond the control of the cardholder, landing fees, aircraft parking, crew overnight charges and per diems, domestic wi-fi charges, catering, federal excise tax, passenger segment fees, international handling, hangar, and de-icing. The ACCESS Jet Card may be canceled within seven (7) calendar days upon execution of the ACCESS Jet Card Agreement and a full refund issued (less any funds used for flights) to the cardholder. After seven days, a three percent (3%) service fee will apply to all refunds.

Continental United States

Cancun, Mexico

Montreal, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto/Hamilton, Canada

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Nassau, Bahamas