The world is waiting

Experience the freedom

Speedbird Jets is a private jet charter and aircraft management company focused on providing seamless, luxurious travel experiences.

Private Jet Charter

Travel that operates on your schedule


Expanded airport access

Access up to 10x more airports than with airlines, eliminating lines and travel time.

Highly trained flight crews

Highly trained flight crews and maintenance personal operate and maintain our aircraft.

Luxurious comfort

Rest, work, or socialize while in flight with beautiful interiors and wireless connectivity.
Go where you want, when you want.

Travel anywhere in the continental U.S. in under six hours

The best way to own a private jet

All-inclusive ownership program

The most desired benefits of aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, and jet cards at a price point that is lower than all three.


Pay only for fuel & insurance


Turnkey management


U.S., Canada, Mexico & more

The legendary Cessna Citation X

A different kind of flight experience

Speedbird Jets uses the Cessna Citation X exclusively in our Speedbird Elite Program. As one of the fastest civilian aircraft in the world, it is capable of Mach .92 speeds and carries up to 8 passengers in luxurious comfort.

Extraordinary attention to detail

Flexible worldwide charter services

Chartering an aircraft is about convenience and flexibility. At Speedbird Jets, we pay attention to all the small details that matter. We constantly strive for perfection and challenge ourselves to uncover and exceed expectations.

Make your next flight experience an effortless one.

Expand your travel opportunities